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As we escape to the tropics for aesthetic and styling purposes, it’s important to know that the appeal of introducing natural plants into our indoor spaces is not only extremely visually pleasing but also reflects qualities that are very beneficial to our wellbeing, balance and harmony.


It’s true, plants really do make people happy! and the botanical trend seems to be having a moment in 2019.

Although the thought of such a bold colour scheme throughout your living-space may be slightly overwhelming, shades of green are known for having many positive psychological properties. It can rejuvenate and restore, creating a sense of calm and serenity that will impact not only your living space but your mood too.

Green is also extremely versatile and has endless styling opportunities. It gives you permission to be adventurous with feature walls or effortlessly stylish with accessories of tropical hues accompanied by gleaming gold accents adding sophistication and colour to your decor.
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Wake up with sleepy eyes to a leafy sanctuary of companions helping you naturally improve your sleeping experience. Studies show that specific plants can help aid your sleep quality through air purification, sweet scents and increasing oxygen levels in your living space. We have listed a few that we think could benefit you below!

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The sense of sight aside, fragrances can also have an impact on mood. Floral scents such as those of lavender and jasmine have been found to induce tranquillity.

Lavender contains such versatile properties and is also gentle to the skin, it acts as a relaxation remedy for both the body and mind with additional anti-inflammatory components. Try adding these flowers to your bathwater and taking a nice long soak, drift in to serenity.

So to conclude, going back to natural, organic and green can create a statement living space where life is breezy, people are laid-back and stress doesn’t seem to exist, sounds perfect right?
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