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Summer has finally gifted us with its appearance and we couldn’t be giddier for the new season trends if we tried!

Bursting brights, lush greenery and abundance of fragrant blooms as the season officially sets in and what better way to promote this fabulous feeling than reflecting it in to our living spaces.

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Vintage-style design makes a delightful comeback! Feel the warmth of nostalgic charm with crisp white walls, homely natural textures and country-chic blooms that delight any space with comfort and character.

Canterbury Blue sits pretty with pale pink blooms and a bright playful polka-dot reverse making styling easy and versatile with endless variants, open your windows and let the summer air breeze in.

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As the new season shines through so should your living aesthetic. Be bold and bright with Salisbury, a style that oozes with the essence of summer!

This popping pattern will elevate any living space, compliment carefully and complete the look with colourful accessories to create a space that effortlessly represents a work of art.

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It’s time to de-clutter and make room for simplicity and elegance. A style set between New Modern and Japonisme, Oriental Blossom revels in a subtlety of detail, colour and texture.

Floral designs are key elements to achieving this look and Oriental Blossom couldn’t be more perfect for the role! The small addition of refreshing your bedding can really welcome a new world of summer brights that sit beautifully into your living space.

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