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As we escape to the tropics for aesthetic and styling purposes, it’s important to know that the appeal of introducing natural plants into our indoor spaces is not only extremely visually pleasing but also reflects qualities that are very beneficial to our wellbeing, balance and harmony.


It’s true, plants really do make people happy! and the botanical trend seems to be having a moment in 2019.

Although the thought of such a bold colour scheme throughout your living-space may be slightly overwhelming, shades of green are known for having many positive psychological properties. It can rejuvenate and restore, creating a sense of calm and serenity that will impact not only your living space but your mood too.

Green is also extremely versatile and has endless styling opportunities. It gives you permission to be adventurous with feature walls or effortlessly stylish with accessories of tropical hues accompanied by gleaming gold accents adding sophistication and colour to your decor.
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Wake up with sleepy eyes to a leafy sanctuary of companions helping you naturally improve your sleeping experience. Studies show that specific plants can help aid your sleep quality through air purification, sweet scents and increasing oxygen levels in your living space. We have listed a few that we think could benefit you below!

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The sense of sight aside, fragrances can also have an impact on mood. Floral scents such as those of lavender and jasmine have been found to induce tranquillity.

Lavender contains such versatile properties and is also gentle to the skin, it acts as a relaxation remedy for both the body and mind with additional anti-inflammatory components. Try adding these flowers to your bathwater and taking a nice long soak, drift in to serenity.

So to conclude, going back to natural, organic and green can create a statement living space where life is breezy, people are laid-back and stress doesn’t seem to exist, sounds perfect right?
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Summer has finally gifted us with its appearance and we couldn’t be giddier for the new season trends if we tried!

Bursting brights, lush greenery and abundance of fragrant blooms as the season officially sets in and what better way to promote this fabulous feeling than reflecting it in to our living spaces.

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Vintage-style design makes a delightful comeback! Feel the warmth of nostalgic charm with crisp white walls, homely natural textures and country-chic blooms that delight any space with comfort and character.

Canterbury Blue sits pretty with pale pink blooms and a bright playful polka-dot reverse making styling easy and versatile with endless variants, open your windows and let the summer air breeze in.

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As the new season shines through so should your living aesthetic. Be bold and bright with Salisbury, a style that oozes with the essence of summer!

This popping pattern will elevate any living space, compliment carefully and complete the look with colourful accessories to create a space that effortlessly represents a work of art.

Summer Florals_Divider-06.jpg

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It’s time to de-clutter and make room for simplicity and elegance. A style set between New Modern and Japonisme, Oriental Blossom revels in a subtlety of detail, colour and texture.

Floral designs are key elements to achieving this look and Oriental Blossom couldn’t be more perfect for the role! The small addition of refreshing your bedding can really welcome a new world of summer brights that sit beautifully into your living space.

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Deciphering Wash Care Symbols

Laundry symbols can certainly appear overwhelming at the best of times, especially when you feel like you need a special code to decipher the meaning of each one.


However these little frustrating symbols are actually extremely important when it comes to taking care of our garments and textiles. The care labels tell you exactly how to do the washing and drying, as well as giving extra information on bleaching and ironing. Incredible right? Who knew?

So we decided to put together a small fun guide to make your washing experience easy and stress-free and if you already class yourself as a washing expert then hopefully this blog has gifted you with some carefree amusement.

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Here at Catherine Lansfield we’re making big changes, starting with being officially awarded with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certification and we wanted to shout about it, making you aware that we’re doing our part to produce safe and sustainable products that you love!


We demand a lot from our textiles on a daily basis; we want them to be stylish, feel soft and pleasant, vibrant in colour and functional. A lot of this would be unachievable without dyes and finishes; however it’s crucial to ensure we’re avoiding the use of harmful chemicals.

OEKO-TEX is a global independent testing and certification standard for textiles, verifying products to ensure that harmful substances are not present.

The testing process allows us to safe-guard all components of the product including the sewing thread, fastenings, linings etc.


Our objective is to produce a safe and more sustainable product for you and the environment.

We strive to be completely transparent with our customers and are under no illusion about the impact our industry has on our planet and its natural resources. We passionately support our suppliers and customers to achieve targets in relation to reduction of chemical, energy and water use.



Combining great quality fabrics, design and finishing with a soft to the touch enveloping hug, isn’t alway as easy at it looks.

Which is why here at Catherine Lansfield we pride ourselves by working towards being the very best.

To us, that means a commitment to improving not just the product, but also everything around it. Because avoiding dangerous chemicals on our textiles means pouring fewer chemicals back into the environment, which is our main goal.

OEKO-TEX’s aim is to give consumer’s confidence in the products they buy and we’re all for it! We monitor and test our products regularly to ensure that they consistently meet the standards set.

It doesn’t stop there, we’re working hard behind the scenes to reduce the use of single-use plastic in our supply chains. We are also increasing the use of sustainable fibres within our product offer.

Just the little steps we’re taking to help you sleep better at night.


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How to create a festive bedroom this Christmas

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The easiest way to add festive cheer to your bedroom is with a Christmassy bedding set! We recommend our Christmas Garland bedding. Featuring a fully reversible design of snowflakes, hearts and holly, go all out in red or cosy up with the warming natural reverse.

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Style with some super cute cushions and a string of fairy lights to complete the look. Layer up your cushions with our adorably kitsch Merry Christmas Pressie and Merry Christmas Frenchie designs. And of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without some sparkle! Our Christmas Tree cushion with reversible gold to silver sequins will do the trick.

1. Christmas Garland Bedding, 2. Merry Christmas Frenchie Cushion, 3. Sequin Tree Cushion, 4. Merry Christmas Pressie Cushion

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It wouldn’t be Christmas without those tongue in cheek moments, right? Embrace the festive fun and treat you and your partner to one of our selfie bedding designs. Choose from either the Selfie Santa, Selfie Elfie or Up to Snow Good design. (They also make a fantastic Secret Santa present!)

Pair our Selfie Santa bedding with our stylish cushions and soft throws to really amp up the Christmassy feel. Invest in our Sequin Star Cushion and Sequin Mermaid Cushion - they look fabulously festive now and they’ll sparkle all year long!

5. Sequin Star Cushion, 6. Sequin Mermaid Cushion Silver, 7. Plain Raschel Throw Red, 8. Nordic Trees Throw Ruby, 9. Selfie Santa Bedding

Title 2_It's All about Hygge-01.jpg

The absolute definition of cosiness, Hygge isn’t going anywhere this Christmas - and we couldn’t be happier! Channel the Danish trend in your bedroom with snuggly faux fur, soft velvet and cosy knits.

Festive Bedroom Blog_Graphic 3-01.jpg

For the ultimate cosy experience this Christmas, why not make up your bed with one of our cuddly fleece bedsets? Our Polar Bear bedding features hand-drawn polar bears on a soft fleece fabric with a fluffy sherpa reverse for extra wrap up warm comfort.

10. Polar Bear Bedding, 11. Chunky Knit and Cuddly Accessories, 12. Cuddly Cushion Silver, 13. Sequin Stag, 14. Chunky Knit Throw Charcoal

Festive Bedroom Blog_Graphic 4-01.jpg

Whether you’re traditional or a trend-setter, our Christmas collection is sure to spread festive cheer! Make sure your bedroom is Christmas ready - all Catherine Lansfield designs are widely available online or from selected quality retail stores.


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Behind the Design: Canterbury Ochre

Canterbury Ochre Blog_Header Graphic-01.jpg

Never out of style and wonderfully versatile, we delve into the inspiration behind our iconic Canterbury Ochre design.

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Our in-house designers gather inspiration from a myriad of sources, from fashion and lifestyle to nature and interiors. Every year they travel the world covering catwalk fashion shows and textile exhibitions as well as visiting the leading stores in London, Milan, Paris, New York and Tokyo.

Mellow Yellow Simplified.jpg

Each season we create directional colour and trend boards from all of the lovely fashion and interior inspiration we have collected. For Canterbury Ochre, we were greatly inspired by the beautiful garments in yellow that sashayed down the catwalks at AW18 fashion week.

Header Titles_Colour.jpg

Our hand-painted design of beautiful rose bouquets was brought into 2018 with our state-of-the-art software. We used different shades and tones in a variety of combinations to develop the on-trend ochre colour.

To add a modern twist to the classic floral print, we incorporated a fun polka dot into the reverse in a complementary grey hue.

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For AW18 our talented stylists have paired the ochre bedlinen with a mix of mid-century modern furniture and vintage style accessories to create an eclectic look that feels on-trend yet timeless.

To complete the look, style with the matching bedspread and curtains!

Canterbury Ochre Blog_Styling Graphic-01.jpg
Header Titles_bedroom makeover.jpg

Discover our Canterbury collection.

Duckegg, Heather, Grey & Ochre

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10 Minutes with Jo from Northern Styling

As fellow interiors obsessives, we decided to meet up with inspiring interior stylist and content creator, Jo Thelwell from Northern Styling, to find out more about her enviable home style.

1. How would you describe your interior style?

It’s definitely a mix of industrial and eclectic with a little bit of Mancunian flair!

2. Who do you take inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from everywhere – I am always taking pictures when I’m out and about. I save hundreds of images on Instagram and I use Pinterest religiously for work. Some of my favourite interior designers / architects include Est Living & Studio Fortnum. I also absolutely adore the styling by Devol Kitchens – their imagery is so beautiful!

devol kitchen pink and teal.jpg

3. Where did you study Interior Design? What is the most important thing you learnt?

I studied at Manchester Metropolitan over 10 years ago now. To be honest, most of what I've learnt has been on the job and through my years of visual merchandising. The main thing is that design is subjective – you have to do what feels right for you.

4. How do you decide on a decorating scheme?

I take a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. I decide on a particular colour scheme then pick products around it. I don’t like things to match too much but a common theme really helps pull everything together.


5. How would you create a relaxing bedroom space?

The bedroom is the perfect place for layering and playing with textures. The Stag bedding by Catherine Lansfield is perfect for the winter months when teamed with knitted throws and sheepskin rugs. Add in candles and fairy lights and you have a really relaxing space to retreat to. I also love adding plants into the bedroom to add life to the space.

Northern Styling Stag Bedlinen.jpg

6. Any tips on how to maximise a smaller space?

Focus on key items such as a statement chair or artwork. Try not to clutter with too many trinkets and don’t be afraid of colour. Everyone thinks you need to keep a small space white and bright, but dark cosy nooks are some of favourite spaces.


7. What are your new season essentials?

I am loving the earthly tones that are coming through in abundance for 2019. Dark rusts and Aztec prints when mixed with exposed woods and dark metals create a really eclectic vibe that I think will be around for a while. 

Northern Styling Soda and coffee tabke.jpg

8. What do you love about living in Manchester?

Manchester is such a vibrant place to be at the moment, new places are popping up all the time. I love the fact that it’s still relatively small and affordable and everyone is so friendly.

9. Favourite places to visit in Manchester?

We have some amazing independent interior and accessories shops like Moth in Didsbury and Rose & Grey in Altrincham – they stock really on-trend interior pieces. I also love the Flower Lounge in Didsbury as they always have the most beautiful flowers for my house. You also cannot beat the Refuge in the city centre for the amazing décor and fabulous food.


10. What’s next for you? Do you have any future home plans/projects?

My boyfriend and I just got engaged so I have a wedding to plan but we are also on the look-out for a new house. This time we want a home with original character that’s a bit more of a project so we can truly make it our own.


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